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Jody Moore Wins PCA's Double-Goal Coach Award

Congratulations to Canterbury Varsity Softball Coach Jody Moore! Coach Moore was recently named a National Winner for the Double Goal Coach Award sponsored by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). She was selected as one of the top 50 national winners out of a pool of over 800 applicants. As one of the winners, she will each receive a $200 check, certificate from PCA, recognition on PCA's website, newsletters and media campaigns, and an invitation to PCA's National Youth Sports Awards & Benefit on April 28th. Four of these winners will be selected to win an all expenses paid trip with guest to California for the event and be welcomed on stage for a panel discussion.

Coach Moore has an uncanny ability to turn Canterbury Crusaders into student-athletes that excel in the classroom and on the field. She has won four state championships in her 12 year career, more than any coach in Pinellas County. She molds young women by emphasizing character, commitment, and team work. The life lessons and experiences gained are second to none.
Here are some of the recommendations shared regarding Coach Moore's impact on young lives...

"I never had a positive female role model to look up to growing up. My mother was not in the picture. Coming onto the Canterbury Softball team shaped the woman I was to become because of Coach Moore. She was always on time, organized, and came prepared to change lives everyday. Not only in the fundamentals of Softball but, in the fundamentals of life. She taught me what it meant to be a strong, independent woman through her coaching, consideration of me as not only a player for her team but, as an individual, and also as a positive leader day in and day out. I am now a strong, loving mother of a four year old daughter and a business owner. Because of Coach Moore, I can confidently be a positive role model for other kids in teaching them character and leadership building lessons everyday in my current career."

"My daughter played softball for Jody Moore for 6 years. In fact, Jody, was an important component in making the decision to move my daughter to Canterbury in 7th grade. Jody’s reputation on and off the field as an incredible teacher, leader and motivator strongly played into why we chose Canterbury. This reputation was only a small component of what we found when Danielle actually started playing under Coach Moore. We found her to believe that softball and winning was only a small piece of the puzzle. Jody saw her role was to not only teach the game the best of her ability to all levels of players but to also teach her players to be better people and prepare them to be good citizens long after softball was over. She taught them to play with 100% dedication to themselves and their teammates and to play with purpose and accountability to everyone. From day one she taught both the players and the parents that everyone on the Team counted and had a place and role in each victory. She always required maximum effort on and off the field. She continually monitored their classroom performance as well as any behavioral issue that may occur. She thought nothing of sitting a great player if they were not preforming in the classroom or if they did something that was not representative of her team’s goals and standards. She would even do this at risk of loosing just to make a point to the player and team that they all needed to be accountable to themselves and each other. She required the most skilled players to teach and assist the novice players and help them to be the best they could. She constantly taught through long and intense practices and even between innings. I witnessed her arm around many a player walking off the field telling them not only only what they did great but also what they could have done better for the next time. She took many players with zero softball experience and made them into great and contributing players. Her team believed in her and learned from her dedication to them that they needed to believe in themselves. She was able to win four State titles with various levels of players solely because she had everyone playing the best of their ability and fulfilling their role on the team. My daughter is now playing softball at the University of Florida and is using the skills that Coach Moore taught her every day. Her transition has been seamless and I believe that Coach Moore was a huge influence. She was totally prepared to work hard and sacrifice for a common goal and that everyone truly has a role. She's been able to juggle the academics, athletics, and the community service because of the skills that were taught to her at Canterbury. I strongly recommend Coach Moore for this award. She is the poster child of what the PCA stands for and would be an incredible ambassador for the program."


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